Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

Who: Me
Where: Hillcrest Cottage Art Studio
What I am Creating: Paper Billfold Wallets with My Original Art
What I am Drinking: Community Coffee - Dark Roast with Lotsa Cream
What's Playing: Cold Play "The Speed of Sound" from Pandora Radio
What I am Thinking: When the nice men in white come for me I will be here next to hundreds of paper wallets...laughing...and sewing

Wallets Parts in the Machine

The Desk, The Parts, The Coffee

Colorful Clips

Lotsa Wallets For Sale

The Finished Product

Art Studio Tour

Mac the Labradoodle will greet you at the studio's entryway.
You can read her blog at:

The Studio Door honors the memory of Flops the Bunny.

First wall as you walk in...the last great photo of when all my boys were still small. This was taken in an awesome spot in Alabama overlooking the gulf. It is a black and white photo, hand-colored by me.

The studio is small but mighty!

From my desk is a great view of the neighborhood with lots of natural light.

What's currently on the drawing board.

I sincerely try to stop for green tea in the afternoon...cleans out the brain.

Tools of the trade.

Need alotta storage!

Imagine...Pray...Believe...Words to live by.

The wall as you leave the studio...Hope you enjoyed the tour...Now time to finish cleaning. My two favorite college men arrive tonight!!! Yesterday was full of sheet washing (I love a fresh-smelling bed!). Today is the vacuum's turn.

Thanks for stopping by!